The Playlist for “A dinosaur toy grows in a glass of water” is now Available



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The fourth installation in Closet Gallery, “A dinosaur toy grows in a glass of water” is an installation of a photograph selected by the artist, each day growing incrementally until it swells outside the frame.


Regazzi describes the photograph, “I was with my aunt and my cousin at African Lion Safari–an open air zoo in Southern Ontario–where we came upon a wet, concrete play park on the grounds. I really loved to swim as a child, however I was ill equipped to do so in this instance; I hadn’t any trunks to change into. My aunt suggested I go swimming in my underwear, and so reluctantly I removed my clothes. I was captured, contemplating my predicament, lounging in horror at the sight of my body. I’m not sure it was this way really, but in my head, the kids watching me were laughing, aghast.

This project was live streamed November 20-24, 2017 from 9:30am – 6:30pm ET.