August in Closet Gallery



For the August showing in Closet Gallery, Montreal artist Hailey Guzik will share a multimedia installation in the closet called Handle Me.

Handle Me
21-25 August, 2017 from 10-6 pm EST

AvaSlip (@gl.tchb.tch) is a concept, not a person. By examining the notion of internet alias’ through the lens of “Glitch Feminism,” she deconstructs the presentation of online bodies. The act of “glitching” serves to fabricate an alternate reality, where conceptions of social media are dissociated from their contemporary uses (communication, self-presentation, etc). This installation transforms AvaSlip’s online internet presence into a physical manifestation, where her character is challenged through material and digital acts of construction and destruction. The deliberate “glitching” of images and objects aims to harness a moment of disruption in order to provide an alternate way of thinking about online personas.


Hailey Guzik is a visual artist with maritime roots working in Montreal, QC. Her multidisciplinary practice in painting, drawing, sculpture and video shows an interest in material exploration in relation to individual perceptions of inhabited spaces and surrounding environments. Visit her website here.

July in Closet Gallery



For this first art showing in Closet Gallery, Lisa Theriault will share a video installation called work in the gaps of the net that re-enacts the invisible preparations that go into making, through the tying of a net.

work in the gaps of the net
17-21 July, 2017 from 10-6 pm EST

a net is a barrier, is a vessel
a net is a repetition, of strands, of knots, of moving shapes
a net is a tool, an adornment
a net is wound, fastened, tied, floating; capable but barely there 



Lisa Theriault is a visual artist originally from Atlantic Canada, now based in Montreal, QC. Her works in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and video reflect on landscapes influenced by human intervention through creation and construction. Visit her website here.