October in Closet Gallery



For the October showing in Closet Gallery, Montreal artist Mischa Greig will share a fresh flower arrangement in the closet called Invitation for bodily being.

Invitation for bodily being
2-6 October, 2017

While watching the brief life of these flowers, you are invited to notice your sensations. Can you develop a more corporeal understanding? Can you find empathy?

Our limited sensorial and epistemological systems are inadequate in understanding ourselves and our experience. Cut flowers surpass these boundaries and reveal meaning in the unfamiliar. They become a medium for evoking the peculiar, or the unknown.

By this ‘Art of Noticing’, we can test the heart’s capacity.

This bodily way of being in the world.

Is it energizing? Quieting? Does it bring you stillness?

Hopefully it will deepen your attention to the non-human world, and further to your bodily sensation. To discover or rediscover empathy.


Mischa Greig is an anthropologist/florist/artist working in the care sector in Montreal. She joins those disciplines to make sense of symbolic language, relationship, and communication.