Press Release: Closet Gallery welcomes projects by Concordia undergraduate students

For Immediate Release: February 26, 2018

Exhibition by Georgia Graham, March 5-9, 2018
Exhibition by Juliana Delgado, March 29-31. 2018
Exhibition by Alejandro Barbosa, April 3-6. 2018

MONTRÉAL, QC — Closet Gallery is pleased to announce projects will be presented by Concordia undergraduate students during the Winter 2018 semester. The selected projects by Georgia Graham, Juliana Delgado, and Alejandro Barbosa will explore approaches to self-portraiture, the passage of time through melting ice, and a research based work on outer space. They can be viewed as live streams at and are generously supported by FASA Concordia.

Over the past year, Montreal artists Lisa Theriault and Phil Mercier have been sharing art projects in a gallery space they created in a small walk-in closet in their apartment. First showing works by themselves and friends, the space presented an opportunity for artists to experiment with installations that take over the closet and are live streamed on Closet Gallery’s webpage (

As artist-run spaces are increasingly going without permanent physical spaces and are instead opting to present works in unconventional sites, Closet Gallery takes this notion even further as an online venue.

Theriault spoke of the idea, “it’s not always possible to see an artwork in person, so we end up seeing it in a book or online instead, but it’s not the same thing. We wanted to recognize that with this space and think about art existing online. We’re playing with that relationship.”

Closet Gallery recently opened up proposals to Concordia undergraduate students. Mercier is in Concordia’s photography program and recognizes the challenges in presenting work as a student. “Students need more opportunities to experiment and share their work. We wanted to see what they would do with the space.”

For additional information on the exhibitions or Closet Gallery, visit Closet Gallery’s website ( or contact Lisa Theriault and Phil Mercier at

Press Photos:

Photo: Lisa Theriault and Phil Mercier in their apartment studio
Photo credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion 

Photo: Closet Gallery is live streamed from a closet in Mercier and Theriault’s apartment
Photo credit: Phil Mercier